January 16, 2012

Between these two photos, there is more or less a century of progress in Ford automobiles. Depending on your feelings, that could leave you underwhelmed as I have a sneaking suspicion the Ranger still sits on leaf springs. Although even the C7 Corvette has them, maybe the Big Three know something I don’t.

I digress.

The first photo was taken before I had a good concept of depth-of-field, as the writing on the bed of the truck is out of focus as well as its contents.

I have the same gripe with the second photo. I think a background more in focus would add to this photo in particular.

Despite these shortcomings, I’m still very fond of both of these photos. I’m attributing these feelings to my admiration of automobiles. I hope to do more work with cars in the future, especially cars in motion.

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